Tangail In-service training courses are conducted for Departmental Cadets (DCs) at PTC. This six-month practical training is an essential training for departmental Sub-Inspectors. Through this training, they sharpen their legal skills as well as enhance their physical abilities which are very important in their professional life. This training adds a new dimension to their professionalism and commitment to the country and People.

Achieving The Purpose Or Goal Of The Course

The course usually completes a training:

  • Obtain the program of estimating the legal framework and the judicial infrastructure of the judge and the nature of the examination;
  • Gain experience in obtaining legal status regarding examination submission process and examinations required steps and process;
  • The use of prosthetic flyers and testing of crimson position and practical selected tests;
  • Gain hands-on experience in arrests, searches, preparation of seizure lists, issuance of croquet warrants, escorts, security, writing police reports, etc.;
  • Attempts to be enterprising in achieving discipline and physical fitness; And
  • Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques of policing by developing service-mindedness in democratic structures.

Duration of Training

The Term Of The Training Is 26 (Twenty Six) Weeks To Train The Sis To Acquire Tactical Physical And Mental Capacity To Conduct Arrests And Conduct Operations As Part Of Conducting Police Activities In Various Hostile Environments, Including Teaching Concepts And Techniques Of Investigation Management As Well As Demonstrating Quality Discipline And Ethics. Done.

Important Features Of The Course


Schedule (DC course)
Course duration182 days
Arrival and briefing01 day
Weekly holidays and public holidays36 days
Medical checkups and campus introduction02 days
Midterm Holiday / Exam / Passing Out Parade23 days (4 + 18 + 1)
Other / Field Visits 
Non-academic day62 days
Give training120 days
Total sessions1080
Academic sessions480 sessions
Physical skills development, drills and firing sessions480 sessions
Study class120 sessions
Total1080 sessions
Every day training time is winter445 m.
Every day training time is summer475 m
Morning Session (Field)3
 Academic class sessions4
Afternoon Session (Field)01
Evening session01