Six months practical training of the TRCs is conducted at Police Training Centre, Tangail. TRCs are bound to be part of routine roll call, PT parade, unarmed combat, weapons training, firing, sentry duty, salute practice, obstacles, computer classes and law classes every day. PT starts in the early morning. Various activities including open running, marathon as well as hands up, push up, sit up, rope climbing are continued to acquire physical skills.

After PT in the morning, parade, academic class resumes in the afternoon. Parade practice exercises include foot drill, squad drill, field craft, and chase drill, riot drill, funeral drill, single order drill, armed salami etc. Besides, there is salami practice and sentry duty.

Weapons training and arms drills go hand in hand with open pair of weapons, weapons and ammunition detection exercises. Firing is practiced at PTC’s modern shooting range.

On the other hand, regarding theoretical issues, specific subject-based classes are conducted by experienced instructors. By completing the training from this training institute, the trainees are committed to play a glorious role in establishing the rule of law and protecting public order through the knowledge and skills acquired.

Specialized training activities for TRCs which include at PTC Tangail are discipline and proper dress code, gender, human rights, ethics and etiquette, English language classes for language proficiency, fire service, civil defense etc are conducted by expert teachers.

TOT courses, basic computer training, driving courses and other internal courses are also conducted smoothly. PTC Tangail, one of the training institutes of Bangladesh Police, has gone ahead with continuous efforts to build professional, smart and people-friendly police.

Important Features Of The Course